we get asked all of the time as photographer's, what is your favourite thing to photograph? 
my answer is always changing.. but there always tends to be some means of portraiture. these days, representing a brand's manifesto through lifestyle photographs might be the answer. 

here's a compilation of some of the lifestyle photographs i have created over the last few months for hollow tree.



(( more than just candles ))

let's talk about this brand's manifesto >>

a brand manifesto is the heart, the soul, and the spirit of a brand.
it's a statement that's "bold, deep, and inspires action" -Rebekah Carter

ready for some inspiration?


Live Among The Trees
Learn To Speak Tree
Love The Wilderness
Treasure The Tree. Honour The Seed
Forests Are Libraries, Share Their Stories
The Art Of Being In Nature Is The Art Of Living
Scents Make Memories, Memories Make Magic
Exploration Is Finding The Thing We Love And Relentlessly Pursuing It
Walk On Forest Floors, Dance Barefoot In The Rain
Live Deliberately, Love With Abandon
Follow Your Heart, Trust Your Instincts
Don’t Do Things Because They Are Difficult, Do Them In Spite Of It
All Good Things Are Wild, And Free
Take Long Walks In Stormy Weather
Love Where You Live
The Mountains Are Calling
Remember That A Forest Starts With One Tiny Seed
It Is In Our DNA To Continually Push The Boundaries
Let The Adventure Begin
Wander Wildly, Seek Sanctuary