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the story of cassandra & tim


the story of cassandra & tim

i may be repeating myself here, but gosh, i truly have a dream job.

here i introduce a special duo,
just being around them i feel the strong supportive, light-yet-full-hearted love that they create. their surroundings bloom, their laughter is true, and there is depth in character in each one of them, a depth that only gets deeper when they are standing next to each other. 
truth in love.

i could continue to make a cheese platter of words for you, but instead i'll let the photographs tell you the rest. 



e n g a g e d ;


and then, six months later, we met in iceland.

m a r r i e d ;


thank you for such a beautiful experience, and sharing such a profound love to the end of the world with a tight knit, wonderful group of family and friends. what an honour to be a part of!!!


VENUE: hotel budir