kind words
from clients


"Sara lives up to her moniker by presenting a unique, almost dreamlike vision of the world around her. She is able to capture the subtle nuances of a moment, while whispering of a larger story unfolding out of frame. Her work feels fresh, yet distantly familiar. Sara cared for the memories we will carry through this life and was a bright light on our wedding day. My wife and I couldn’t have dreamed up a better photographic experience."

- t+c



"I’m impressed by the kindness that comes through the images, particularly those of wedding celebrations. None of the phony, forced formality but lovely shots of people celebrating the commitment to each other and to their communities of friends. I like it that your images are not studied or limited by pre-conceptions of what they “ought” to be, but reveal an honesty of feeling about the realities of the lives depicted. Optimistic, sweet and unaffected, just lovely shots of people at a stage of their lives when all lies out in front of them."

- Don McGregor



"she makes me feel like a wall incised with windows, eliminating all the chunks of insecurity that can be found in most walls, so what is left is a concentrated dose of truth and light. sara’s photos are more than frames of truth, though. they focus on the subplots of a person and their story as well, the moments that aren’t usually paid any attention. her artistry is innate. when she and her lens are in front of me, i feel like the best version of me is looking back. i walk away a shade lighter."

- SL



“I’m writing this as a friend, as a client, and as a spectator. The inner workings of @saraspectrum cannot be described — they must be felt. So many emotions pass through sara’s lens and she pays attention to each of these moments by watermarking them with creativity and love. She isn’t static or posed; she’s variable and candid. Her work is authentic, and her attitude adds a little ray of sunshine to each photo shoot. I hope you’ll allow her, with confidence, to fill your frames. Heck — I think most of mine have her photographs in them right now!”

- Kate McNamara